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  2. Edward Parker Richardson, II View the full article
  3. Everyone wants economic development. Everyone supports Kerotest’s proposal to expand its plant in Mansura and create another 50 jobs. View the full article
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  5. Sadie Chatelain Fogle View the full article
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  7. Disabled1

    Avoyelles Hospital: A New look for a new era

    When I 1st moved to AP in 2012 I was going to go to AH. My own dad warned me NOT to go, unless I wanted to be carried out in a body bag. I thought to myself, "IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD........CAN IT?" And, sure enough, the stories were true! Not body bag true, but, close! FF six years later. I have been there for an injury, and let me tell you, that hospital is AWESOME! As they keep adding specialty clinics with Drs. and staff, people will just avoid the hospitals in Rapides and just go here. I know I will.
  8. For almost 40 years, the hospital just outside of the Marksville city limits has changed its name and its owners, but has looked the same. View the full article
  9. My mother-in-law was very proud of her French heritage. View the full article
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  11. Rita “Belgard” Sims View the full article
  12. Scott Ferguson spent his first few days as Bunkie’s police chief trying to organize the department to his standards. View the full article
  13. A 14-year-old Marksville youth was arrested July 9 by State Fire Marshal’s Office agents and charged with aggravated arson of his family home on Lorio Street. View the full article
  14. Authorities arrested a 14-year-old Marksville boy after he lit several fires inside his home while his family was inside. View the full article
  15. Once upon a time there was a promise that a shining castle would be built that would create hundreds of permanent jobs. View the full article
  16. Rowena Sayer Feauqua View the full article
  17. Elvin McCann View the full article
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  19. Byron "B.B." Lemoine View the full article
  20. Avoyelles Parish School Board members said some high school principals are apparently not following the strict anti-truancy program the board implemented in January. View the full article
  21. Rev. Msgr. J. Carson LaCaze View the full article
  22. A Lettsworth man will have to pay $10,250 in civil restitution after a judge found him guilty of illegally killing a Louisiana black bear. There is no season set for black bear in Louisiana. View the full article
  23. In the near future, Wendell King will be enjoying the best revenge possible against his critics: announcing that his film production studio will be opening somewhere other than the former Fifth Wa View the full article
  24. Betty Ann Hudgens View the full article
  25. While Mansura Mayor Kenneth Pickett’s salary of $36,000 a year ($3,000 a month) is significantly higher than the other eight mayors’ in Avoyelles Parish, he isn’t the first or only mayor whose sal View the full article
  26. Tonia Bandy is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges today (July 9) in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. View the full article
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  28. There are only a few changes to the dress code for the Avoyelles Parish School District, but one is likely to rile some parents while the other may be seen as a relief. View the full article
  29. When a beautiful actress recommends using a particular shampoo, or a macho action movie star drives a specific model of car, the public listens. Many may follow the famous person’s example. View the full article
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