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  1. I'm voting NO on all 3. All they (APPJ) know how to do is raise taxes. And, when they do, they always use the tax money in other areas besides what the tax money was intended for! I have been a resident of AP for only 6.5 years, and I'm tired of their good ole boy network. You would think the residents of AP would have enough of the crooked political system here, but they keep voting for it instead of against it! WAKE UP people! Stop looking the other way and stop letting them take advantage of you! Each time you give into them and their greed, they think you're easy and will continue taking advantage of you.
  2. Doesn't Mayor Lemoine know that the corrupt "Good Ole Boy Network PJ" has been around for generations and NOTHING will EVER change it? SMH!
  3. Makes me feel better every day that I live in Plaucheville.
  4. Any improvements will probably get tore up. And, graffiti will probably be painted on everything.
  5. I wonder how much of that $50K went into his pockets?
  6. I was told that she is doing better, but has a long road to recovery. We will be Praying for her recovery. I am just curious as to why the Parish Coroner didn't state this case of West Nile Virus! Was he trying to "DEEP SIX" it to prevent a scare? He knew about it, but it puzzles me WHY he never said anything! SMH! ONLY in Avoyelles Parish!
  7. This tax is BS! I sure hope AP residents/taxpayers don't give in to the APPJ's rhetoric and BS! From what I understand about this tax, 1/4 of it goes to road improvements for the districts that DIDN'T pass the tax increase in their districts! And, being Plaucheville was the ONLY district that passed its tax, they will NOT be eligible for any funding for road improvements! BS!!!!!!!!!!!! This stinks to HIGH HEAVEN! The other districts had their chance to vote for a tax increase but thought that improved roads were not that important. So, now the PJ is going to feel sorry for the other districts and bamboozle the Parish voters into voting for this MUCH NEEDED tax by tying it into other Parish matters..............BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AP voters, don't give into the good ole boy network and shady backroom dealings of such a crooked PJ as we have here in AP!
  8. "The good news is that there have been no cases of the virus in Avoyelles, Parish Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeux said." This statement is FALSE! My neighbor was just admitted 2 weeks ago into Rapides hospital with the West Nile Virus! She is currently brain dead. She used to work at Bordelon's store in Plaucheville. Her mother lives near me.
  9. Disabled1

    Avoyelles Hospital: A New look for a new era

    When I 1st moved to AP in 2012 I was going to go to AH. My own dad warned me NOT to go, unless I wanted to be carried out in a body bag. I thought to myself, "IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD........CAN IT?" And, sure enough, the stories were true! Not body bag true, but, close! FF six years later. I have been there for an injury, and let me tell you, that hospital is AWESOME! As they keep adding specialty clinics with Drs. and staff, people will just avoid the hospitals in Rapides and just go here. I know I will.

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