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Avoyelles Hospital: A New look for a new era

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The architect’s rendering shows what Avoyelles Hospital will look when a $1 million building improvement project is finished.


The current face of Avoyelles Hospital has been the same since the building was constructed in 1979.


Allegiance Health Management President Rock Bordelon (right) and Avoyelles Hospital CEO Rene Goux review plans for the $1 million improvement project for Avoyelles Hospital in Marksville.

For almost 40 years, the hospital just outside of the Marksville city limits has changed its name and its owners, but has looked the same.

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When I 1st moved to AP in 2012 I was going to go to AH. My own dad warned me NOT to go, unless I wanted to be carried out in a body bag. I thought to myself, "IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD........CAN IT?" And, sure enough, the stories were true! Not body bag true, but, close! 

FF six years later. I have been there for an injury, and let me tell you, that hospital is AWESOME! As they keep adding specialty clinics with Drs. and staff, people will just avoid the hospitals in Rapides and just go here. I know I will. 

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