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Avoyelles Police Jury to hold public hearing for upcoming tax election

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This tax is BS! I sure hope AP residents/taxpayers don't give in to the APPJ's rhetoric and BS! From what I understand about this tax, 1/4 of it goes to road improvements for the districts that DIDN'T pass the tax increase in their districts! And, being Plaucheville was the ONLY district that passed its tax, they will NOT be eligible for any funding for road improvements! BS!!!!!!!!!!!! This stinks to HIGH HEAVEN! The other districts had their chance to vote for a tax increase but thought that improved roads were not that important. So, now the PJ is going to feel sorry for the other districts and bamboozle the Parish voters into voting for this MUCH NEEDED tax by tying it into other Parish matters..............BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AP voters, don't give into the good ole boy network and shady backroom dealings of such a crooked PJ as we have here in AP!

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