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Solid waste taxes top local issue on Dec. 8 ballot

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Mike DeSoto of Marksville casts his votes during early voting, which ended yesterday (Dec. 1). The short ballot features local tax propositions, one Avoyelles School Board runoff and a statewide runoff for secretary of state. Election day is Saturday (Dec. 8). {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

There has been very little excitement about the upcoming Dec. 8 election.

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I'm voting NO on all 3. All they (APPJ) know how to do is raise taxes. And, when they do, they always use the tax money in other areas besides what the tax money was intended for! I have been a resident of AP for only 6.5 years, and I'm tired of their good ole boy network. You would think the residents of AP would have enough of the crooked political system here, but they keep voting for it instead of against it! WAKE  UP people! Stop looking the other way and stop letting them take advantage of you! Each time you give into them and their greed, they think you're easy and will continue taking advantage of you. 

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